Our story is about keeping Louisiana safe.

As Crescent River Port Pilots we make your safety and the business of the river our highest and first priority. But when we climb down the ladder from our ship and step on solid ground we are committed to bringing our best skills and our hearts into the communities we serve.

Serving Louisiana on the river since 1908

Crescent River Port Pilots play a critical role in protecting Louisiana’s economy, as well as, the world's economy. Louisiana’s pilots and pilots all around the world accomplish years of training and practice prior to being commissioned by the state to serve.

Pilots are on call 24 hours a day, everyday in order to keep Louisiana alive and well; their expertise includes knowledge of local currents, tides, shoals, aids-to-navigation, landmarks, and weather conditions. As the only American on board foreign flagged ships pilots develop an ability to communicate with international crews from 90 different nations.

This is not a job for the faint of heart, a wrong decision could bring unthinkable peril as pilots direct safe passage of vessels often the size of three football fields carrying flammable chemicals. A pilot’s uncommon resilience and expertise in mitigating the risks of navigating one of the most difficult and treacherous routes in North America are valuable assets to the people of Louisiana.

A Spirit of Generosity

The Crescent River Port Pilots' Foundation was formed just prior to Louisiana’s historic hurricanes in 2005 that destroyed the lives of so many people. These tragic events left tens of thousands of people without anything to call their own. The impact on people and business was incredibly emotional and produced chaos few of us had ever known.

Despite the devastation there was a richness to our lives that only comes by way of pain and suffering. The spirit of Louisiana's people was never more evident, actions filled with generosity abounded as everyone reached out to help one another. This spirit of generosity became the bedrock of the foundation focusing all service and giving around the principle of protecting Louisiana’s people and responding to their needs.

Undoubtedly, something inside of a person is awakened, a sense of aliveness, when we serve mankind.

Our Friends