Take time to nurture both.

There is a connection between what the mind is thinking and what the body experiences.

Studies reveal that physical disease may be the consequence of emotional distress leaving initiatives aimed solely at physical well-being set to fail. In the US 46.6 million people experience mental distress each year exposing them to premature mortality. In contrast those with social and emotional support have better chances at both preventing and recovering from illnesses. Increasingly, health is being defined as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being”. The increase of social disease including misuse of alcohol and drugs, domestic violence, and child abuse all seem to be connected to concepts of well-being. Well-being integrates the mind and the body approaching health more holistically. Many of the organizations we support are helping people to better cope with their environments and their individual circumstances in order experience an overall positive sense of well-being. These resources provide opportunities for physical activity, social connection, and for some, moments of empowering autonomy. There is an absolute connection between what the mind is thinking and what the body experiences!

New Heights Therapy Riding Center

Horses do not judge you – instead they accept your unique humanness just as you are. The healing nature of horses is quite profound and being naturally empathetic they help us become more centered and feel calm.


Service to our country often comes at a huge price. Returning home to live with physical disabilities and post traumatic stress imposes many restrictions on daily life. Restorative healing occurs during equine therapy conducted in the pristine setting of New Heights Therapy in Folsom, Louisiana.


Horses do not see a child with autism, they see only a child. Equine therapy offers people with disabilities an opportunity to gain a sense of control over their bodies. Often for the first time ever, disabled children on horseback are able to sit up straight or be elevated to the point of experiencing eye to eye contact with other people.


Life on the Mississippi River is one of collaboration and we were won over as we witnessed Associated Terminals, a comrade also doing business on the river, invest their heart and soul into making sure this impressive equine therapy at New Heights was sustainable. We are honored to support the work they do that so visibly makes a difference in many valuable lives.

Giving Hope's Community Center

Giving Hope believes in helping the children and the families of New Orleans find hope despite the struggles they have endured. The future is full of promise because of the commitment of Giving Hope and Thrive New Orleans.Together they are bringing the needed resources to the Desire neighborhood in the Ninth Ward. Giving Hope’s 43,000 square foot community center sits adjacent to Delgado College and has grounded this neighborhood with a first class child care facility, a barbershop, a medical clinic, and a safe place for their children to play and learn. The well-being of both parents, children, and grandparents are served through outreach including entrepreneurship classes, after-school and summer programming, athletics, technology training, and physical fitness.


We want to be a community center that provides the resources parents need to raise healthy children. Being a hub for athletic opportunities, as well as, for educational options allows working parents to have the support they need to ensure their families can thrive despite their challenges.


The heart of the community center is all about creating hope, friendship, and opportunity. This is a place where people help people, each bringing their own skills and talents to serve each other and make the community a better place to live and work. Here you will discover resources, learn new skills, and gain insight into healthy ways of living! Together we will celebrate life and pursue our hopes and dreams.


We join Giving Hope and Thrive to ensure holidays are time of joy for the families living in this community. We help parents choose and wrap gifts for their children. We spend time with the kids doing crafts and playing outdoors. Pilots help outfit and adjust bikes to fit each child. We pitch in to help create, set up, and invest time and heart to make sure neighborhood parents and children enjoy this special day. We fully support the commitment of this outreach to “equip and empower the parents to care for their children”. The key to this day being successful is not for us to give, but for us to help the parents give to their children.

Miracle League

Disabled children regardless of their level of disability are invited to play league sports and enjoy the emotional and physical benefits of being part of a team sport. After five years of fundraising, the Miracle League is excited to have a permanent home facility at Coquille Park & Recreation in Covington, LA. Participating in Miracle League also creates a network of support for the families of children with disabilities.


We want to encourage the health and well-being of children with disabilities. With a volunteer at their side, disabled children have the chance to play sports in a true team fashion. The excitement during the games is electric and not to be missed.


Learning how to interact with disabled children provides able-bodied children an opportunity to connect and experience the joy of Miracle League’s enthusiastic athletes with disabilities.


Until recently the community was missing the chance to serve kids with unique abilities through the already established sports leagues. Because of the tenacious grit of Miracle League’s parents and friends like the Crescent River Port Pilots' Foundation, a beautiful ball field in the center of Covington’s Coquille Park and Recreation was built!

You Night

Sometimes an idea comes along that stands out and approaches philanthropy uniquely as does You Night with its sole focus on the cancer patient. As patients participate in small group empowerment training they discover a unique kinship with ladies that have endured similar journeys. Their confidence is restored as professional coaches prepare them to walk a glamorous runway amongst a roaring crowd of supporters. A renewed sense of self is uncovered as the mental gravity of cancer is lifted. The Crescent Pilots' Foundation recognized the unique approach and value of this programming and provided funds to help launch this creative endeavor to empower cancer survivors!


Cooking Up Great Food and Bright Futures. Café Hope provide tools for youth throughout the Greater New Orleans area to help them enter the real world—and succeed. Full-service culinary training combined with life skills courses give students the confidence to build fulfilling futures as leaders in the community.


The Belle Chasse YMCA is a place for the community to gather and a place where all ages, races, and religions come together to get healthy, grow, and play. Here opportunities exist to strengthen spiritual, mental and physical well-being. All members of the Belle Chasse community have access to Y programs with financial assistance available to those who cannot afford the full cost of programs and membership.