Together, we serve.

Service to others doesn't start when we have something to give – it blossoms naturally when we have nothing left to take. And that is a powerful place to be.

Serving provokes a sense of trust that strengthens our ties with others.

To reinforce our culture of service we come together and join our partners on the ground to help them facilitate their missions. Our service days are a family favorite. This personal interaction with the community helps us better understand the needs of those we support and to learn about the world around us. Hunger and deep poverty can sometimes seem remote until you actually come face to face with those forced to live in dire circumstances.

Giving Hope Turkey Giveaway

Many in our community struggle to make ends meet. It becomes especially hard during times of celebration when families want to experience togetherness. The Crescent Pilots want to ensure that everyone has a table full of food for the holidays.

Bike Giveaway

All children deserve moments of uninhibited happiness. We partnered with the NOLA Gold Rugby Team and Giving Hope to bring the joy of Christmas to children.


Kickin’ Parkinson’s is part of the Michael J. Fox’s Foundation grassroots community fundraising program. Crescent Pilots sponsor KP’s annual research round table discussion where patients and their families have the unique opportunity to sit with the world’s best physicians, scientists, and leaders focused on finding a cure for Parkinsons.

Quentin Dastague, Kickin’ Parkinsons Founder
Reid Falconer, LA State Representative
Drew Falconer, MD. Neurologist and Movement Disorder Specialist.

The 2019 Kickin’ Parkinsons’ Research Breakfast

Presenter - Drew Falconer, MD

An early patient experience lead Dr. Falconer to study movement disorders. His patient’s essential tremor had prevented him from drinking his morning coffee on his own for 20 years. Then during an office visit Dr. Falconer installed a deep brain stimulator in the patient and right in front Dr. Falconer the tremor resolved and the patient was able to drink from a cup. This was very emotional for both he and the patient because for the first time in 20 years his patient was able to drink from a cup without someone’s help.